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        Hello visitors, applicants and esteemed members, This here is the central control of our operations. A Red Day is a moderate roleplaying guild that wants to cater to all kinds of roleplayers, especially those who haven't found a niche to fit on CC. We plan to host roleplaying events to draw those roleplayers who don't have much experience in, along with events fpcused on more seasoned roleplayers. We hope to accomplish this by giving you, the member, a whole lot of power. All it takes is to tell an officer what you want, and we'll whip you up something that fits. Service, with a smile. 

         On the site you'll be able to post character histories, guild suggestions, event info you want us to know or some other stuff on your mind. Our mission statement:

        A Red Day welcomes all level of roleplayers, from the masterful to the unskilled, bringing together a mix of roleplayers in the hope of becoming a contending guild with some of the bigger names out there. While our goal may seem austere, it is not the mission of our members. All we want is for you to have a good time, kick back with some other roleplayers and enjoy a free styling of non restricted guild behavior. 
                Currently the guild features a guild bank. It will be stocked with tabards and anything we find that we think members of the appropriate level can use. We are going to help you out, yes.

        The Good, The Bad, the what?

        You'll find that alignment matters little here, your character has the freedom to be whatever they desire; It is only expected of you to be forthcoming and offer your newfound comrades aid when it is asked to you. Plain english? You can be a white knight or you can watch the world burn, but remember who your friends are. Fighting among guild memebers is not okay. Not in the forums, anyway- STORY RELATED IS OK.

        The Rules?

        Right off the bat, you will treat your fellows and all others in the game respectfully if not nicely and at all times obey the World of Warcraft ToS. We aren't going to make you come to any events, but do try to be around every once in a while, huh? Also a warning: STRONG LANGUAGE AND SOME ADULT CONTENT MAY MAKE IT'S WAY ONTO THE SITE. once it does, i'll password protect forums meant for the explicit stuff and just have y'all post warnings on your forum topics for language, just in case. That being said, we are a guild that encourages your artwork, story work and any other form of creative work you put before us.
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